Amino acid based Biostimulant

Biogrow is a natural Organic Amino Acid Based Bio Stimulant with plant nutritional regulator functions. It is an eco friendly and totally bio degradable product, produced solely from organic substances of animal origin and plant origin, suitably transformed by a specially developed industrial process.

Biogrow provides the plants with required readily available amino acid thus helping plant to save its energy on biosynthetic process and making plants utilize the same energy for other better plant development during the other critical stages

Biogrow, as a foliar spray has proved to be effective on a spectrum of field crops, vegetables, ornamental plantations and fruit crops. Prompt absorption in plants and its efficiency at lower dosages are its other merits.


  • Helps the absorption and transportation of micronutrients and other inside the plants.
  • Bumps up physiological exploits of the plant.
  • Perks up seed germination and healthy plant growth.
  • Serves as chelating agent and adds to the capacity of nutrients usage in the plant.
  • Raises the size, enhances the shape, weight, hue, shine and shelf-life of the fruits.

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