Just as courier service is more efficient than ordinary mail, so are chelates as compared to salts

Role of Micronutrient

  • Micro-nutrients are essential for the appropriate growth of plants and each one has a relevant function to perform.
  • Nutrients may perform very definite roles, which could be very effortless or highly intricate.
  • The nutrients are irreplaceable. Hence applying a fertilizer relevant to the particular nutrient is the only way out to rectify a deficiency.

Chelates make the metal salts bio-available by smooth transportation in the system unlike non-chelated sulphates which are not mobile & leads to fixation.

Why chelated micronutrients?

  • The pH level in inorganic metals salt like sulphate is a very vital measure. The byproduct of a rise in the pH solution is the gradual hydrolysis of metals. The precipitation of metals makes them unavailable to the plants.
  • The unique chelation process enables the chelated nutrient to be better utilized by plants.
  • Chelated micronutrients maintain constancy even when the levels of pH alkalinity have skyrocketed.
  • The chelating agent acts as a delivery mechanism as it conveys the nutrient to its ultimate destination - the plant root or the leaf cell.

"Chelating agent" thus works as a courier service from the point of chelation upto crop uptake and its express job is to deliver the consignment (nutrient) at the destination (plant root or leaf cell).

Following are various grades of EDTA chelates Micronutrients, which are free flowing powder soluble in water :

Zn EDTA    Fe EDTA    Ca EDTA    Cu EDTA    Mn EDTA    Mg EDTA


Grades Appearance % Metal Content (min.) pH
Zn EDTA White Free flowing powder 12 – 13 5.5 – 7
Fe EDTA Tan coloured powder 11-12 4.5 - 6.5
Ca EDTA White Free flowing powder 9.5 - 10 5.5 – 7.5
Cu EDTA Bluish coloured powder 12 – 13 6 - 7
Mn EDTA White Free flowing powder 10 -12 6 – 7
Mg EDTA White Free flowing powder 5.5 – 6 5.5 - 6.5

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