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Iron Chelator for correction of iron deficiency in crops

An antidote to agricultural, horticultural and floricultural problems, UNIFERT is a micro-granular iron chelate and its purpose is to correct and avert iron deficiency in a broad ambit of agricultural and horticultural crops particularly in alkaline and calcareous soils.

The higher the ortho-ortho chelate content the better Fe is bound to the chelate which in par with other multinational brands


  • Appearance: Brownish To Black Micro Granules
  • pH (1 per cent solution) : 7-9
  • Active Ingredient of Fe: 6 per cent minimum
  • Ortho-Ortho Content: above 4.5% minimum

It is widely employed in case of horticultural crops, grapes, pomegranates, citrus fruits like oranges and with regard to green house production.

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