_ _ _ based on Triacontanol

Miragrow is a naturally occurring plant hormone that is Triacontanol that acts as growth promoter. Increases plant yield by improving photosynthesis and cell division.

MIRAGROW stimulates the growth of the plant by decreasing carbon dioxide (C02) inhibition, in turn increases CO2 assimilation and enhances photosynthesis which in turn increases the quantity and quality

Miragrow boosts the growth of plants making it a superlative plant maturation stimulant. It distinctively elicits certain responses in plants. Its unique features are:

  • Antecedent and powerful tillering apart from an exacerbation of photosynthesis along with broader and lush leaves.
  • Positively influences the absorbent properties with regard to water and enhances the capacity to preserve water.
  • Augments the competence of naturally available enzymes and vegetative hormones.
  • Betterment in quantity and quality of crop yield.

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