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New Balance

Ordinary unstable sulphate based Micronutrient immediately gets fixed in alkaline soils specially if added with DAP/ MAP/ MKP etc. The uniqueness of NEW-BALANCE is its dosage of 2-2.5 kg/acre vis-à-vis 10 kg of Ordinary unstable sulphates. Ordinary unstable sulphate based Micronutrient precipitates at 6.5 - 7 pH hence there is little or no bio-availability in Indian soils which are between 8 - 8.5 ph

Hence, NEW-BALANCE is a cost effective replacement to Ordinary unstable sulphate based Micronutrient having following features:

Difference between:

Non-Physical Mixture

ORDINARY UNSTABLE SULPHATES, are dry blended hence the particles are not mixed thoroughly well.

Uniform Chemical Mixture

NEW BALANCE, here the particles are mixed thoroughly well

Ordinary Unstable - Sulphates based Micronutrient which are insoluble and also

NEW­BALANCE (Stable sulphate based Micronutrients) which are fully soluble

Granular Form can also be made available.
Methods of Application :
  • Row/Line Method
  • Ridges & furrow Method
  • Broadcasting Method

The advantages of NEW BALANCE are:

  • pH Stabilized till 8 to 8.5%
  • Highly soluble in alkaline soil
  • 200% to 300% of saving on Transportation, Warehousing, C&F cost, Secondary freight, Loading/Unloading, Packing, Cost towards farm labours etc.
  • Every particle will contain all the nutrients in the given percentage
  • Bio-efficacy of the product is greater
  • Better cost – benefit ratio
  • Concept of with and without separate fillers

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