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  • OXYBACT is fungicide / bactericide recommended for use on over 150 different flowers, trees, houseplants, fruits, vegetables, and turfs.
  • Unlike other fungicide / bactericide, OXYBACT is not a toxic chemical.
  • It is a highly effective, more sensible fungicide / bactericide.
  • Seed treatments
  • Soil applications broadcast, in furrow.
  • Foliar sprays, dusts etc.


  • Ease of handling
  • Fastacting contact fungicide/bactericide
  • High level of safety for user, consumer and environment
  • Ideal for use in organic farm and garden applications

Diseases which are controlled:

Black Spot Chocolate Spot
Downy Mildew Powdery Mildew

OXYBACT is recommended for use on different flowers, rees, fruits, vegetables, and turfs.

Dosage :

  • Foliar Spray: 200gm in 200lt of water
  • Drip: 500gm / acre for all crops

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