High Concentrated Powder

ROOTBOOST is based on Humic Acid & Fulvic Acid blended with vital nutrients. Humic Acids are a complex mixture of partially "decompose" and otherwise transformed organic materials.

ROOTBOOST helps to build stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation. Healthier roots help to hold soil which minimizes erosion.

ROOTBOOST improves crop yield by speeding up germination, enhancing seed & root growth. "ROOTBOOST" improves intake of macro nutrients. Induces early maturity and help plants in time of draught which results in higher & better quality of crop produce.

Concentrated powder can be used for seed treatment, for seedling or root dip, drip irrigation and also for foliar application.

Merits of Fortifed Humic-Fulvic Blend

  • Enriches soil with the inclusion of organic matter and organic carbon.
  • Spurs seed germination.
  • Advances soil structure porosity.
  • Kindles favourable microbial activities and makes the use of fertilizers more effectively.
  • It causes hearty plant growth along with a perked up yield.

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