Seaweed Extract added with biostimulant and essential nutrients

Seazyme is an ecofriendly biofertilizer based on Seaweed Extract rich in cytokinins, auxins and also blended with _ _ _ and Organic Nutrients which gives tremendous booster to crops and gain better yields.

Our sea weed products are geared towards empowering gardens, crops or livestock with sustenance in a productive and natural way.

These are the usage effect:

  • Cytokinins aid Seazyme in bolstering plentiful roots which in turn multiplies the flowers and fruits.
  • The amplification of roots further facilitates the ingestion of major secondary and micronutrients from the soil.
  • Seazyme causes a rise in the amount of microbes in the soil.
  • A multiplication in size, enhancement in colour, taste and shelf-life are other effects that enrich quality

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