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Uni-Rhizae, Mycorrhizae

Di Sodium Octa Borate Tetra Hydrate Boron (as B) 20 % Min.

The name itself is self explanatory.

  • UNIRHIZAE is a readytouse live formulation of such beneficial microorganisms which on application to seed, root or soil, mobilize the availability of nutrients by their biological activity.
  • They help build up the soil microflora and there by the soil health.
  • As we know, organic farming excludes the use of any chemical.
  • Use of UNIRHIZAE is recommended for improving the soil fertility in organic farming

Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM)

  • The term mycorrhiza was taken from Greek language meaning ungus root'. This term was coined by Frank in 1885
  • As indicated above, the mycorrhiza is a mutualistic association etween fungal mycelia and plant roots.
  • VAM is an endotrophic (live inside) mycorrhiza formed by aseptated phycomycetous fungi.
  • VAM helps in nutrient transfer mainly of phosphorus, zinc and Sulphur.
  • They also mobilize different nutrients like Cu(copper), K(potassium), Al(aluminum), Mn(manganese), Fe (iron) and Mg (magnesium) from the soil to the plant roots.
  • They posses vesicles (sac like structure) for storage of nutrients and arbuscular for funneling them into root system.

Dosage : UNIRHIZAE works under ground

  • UNIRHIZAE is Mycorrhizal based bio fertilizers with other ssential nutrients, PGR required for healthy growth of plants
  • UNIRHIZAE enhances the symbiosis by populating the area around a plant’s roots and form very thin filaments, adding to the length and efficiency of a plant’s roots. It’s actually like having a second set of roots for the plants.
  • Plants, trees, and shrubs with a well established root system are better able to survive things like droughts and transplant shock.
  • They also absorb more nutrients from the soil.
  • Plants enriched with UNIRHIZAE can survive better in their nonnative environments.
  • UNIRHIZAE boost a plant’s immune system, making them resistant to soilborne pathogens.

i. Form/base Fine Powder/ tablets/ granules/ root biomass mixed with growing substrate
ii. Particle size for carrier based powder formulations 90% should pass through 250 micron IS sieve (60 BSS)
iii. Moisture content percent maximum 8 - 12
iv. pH 6.0 to 7.5
v. Total viable propagules/gm of product, minimum 100 /gm of finished product

Dosage : UNIRHIZAE works under ground

  • Ecofriendly, nonpollutants and cost effective method.
  • Renewable source of nutrients
  • Sustain soil health
  • Supplement chemical fertilizers.
  • Replace 2530% chemical fertilizers
  • Increase the grain yields by 1040%.
  • Decompose plant residues, and stabilize C:N ratio of soil
  • Improve texture, structure and water holding capacity of soil
  • No adverse effect on plant growth and soil fertility.
  • Stimulates plant growth by secreting growth hormones.
  • Secrete fungistatic and antibiotic like substances
  • Solubilize and mobilize nutrients

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