Replacement to SHMP/STPP

UNIVERSAL SPECIALITY CHEMICALS PVT. LTD. (USCPL) an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing company is a one-of-a-kind offering various speciality chemicals. We develop products as per tailor-made need of individual customers at our fully equipped independent R&D facility which is backed by experienced technicians.

We at USCPL have done intensive research and developed alongwith our counterpart based in USA and developed a highly functional, Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective and Bio-degradable replacement to STPP/SHMP.

Adverse effects of Phosphates :

STPP / SHMP (Phosphates) are essential in detergents as co-builders but not cost – effective and eco-friendly.
Phosphates contribute 500 times to their weight in form of Algae.

Test was carried as per globally accepted method of AATCC (AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF TEXTILE CHEMISTS AND COLORIST) TEST METHOD 151-1990 with AATCC reference detergent with and without phosphate. FABRIC TAKEN WAS WFK 10D COTTON SOILED FABRIC (from Germany)

"U NIL-PHOS" as the name suggest is a NIL phosphates compound based on Polymers and Organic Complexing Agents. It functions at low dosages only 30% compared to Phosphates*. Inspite of which it contribute to three folds more soil removal thus enhancing to better whiteness and brightness.

*1 kg "U NIL-PHOS" replaces 3 kg of STPP making it extremely Cost Effective

We are ready and willing to give joint trails to any bonafied actual consumers (Conditions Apply).

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