USCPL sports a robust marketing team whose vision is in solely winning over the client based on verifiable facts which are presented through field trials.

Although being an SME, our core focus is on bench-marking our quality against the best international brands and then assuring client that the same can be delivered. Our team's eyes are always on the horizon for new opportunities to better our products. They strive to serve the existing clientele and employ cutting edge methods to win over a roster of other clients.

We have necessary skills, the infrastructure with support system to offer these products with similar specification and if required, even offer customized specially tailor-made formulation to suit customer requirement as per geographical or crop requirement.

Our team has fantastic ability to understand the need of the market and critical issues & challenges faced by the Customers and the working out a cost effective solution alongwith R&D. USCPL has an exhaustive client list including the top Multi-national and blue-chip companies who outsource products and market under their private labels.

Result in an absolute win-win situation.